December 8, 2010

Icame across a darling shop with YARN in the Mission district of my fair City last weekend! It's called Princess Animal.

Kathy, the Regent there, has a really nice selection of knitting books, and I picked up the Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting book, which is a cool story of a serendipitous find! The author discovered the archives of hundreds (thousands?) of vintage sweaters while searching for something else, bought the whole lot up, and sold it in a Brooklyn boutique. A selection of the designs have been updated and written into patterns for you to knit. What a lovely gift for the vintage knitter in your life.

Be sure to check out Princess Animal next time you are on Valencia Street. There is a charming collection of witty gift items there that would appeal to anyone!

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My newest design, the Ship Shape jacket...

Ship Shape Jacket01
  • Ship Shape Jacket01
    This is my newest design: the Ship Shape jacket. The pattern to knit this jacket will be available shortly.
  • Ship Shape Jacket02
    Slipped stitch edges and ridges highlighting faux seams accentuate a shapely form.
  • Ship Shape Jacket03
    A dramatic collar balances the fitted shoulder.
  • Ship Shape Jacket08
    Tailored details in the back.
  • Ship Shape Jacket09
    Buttoned all the way up and toasty warm.
  • Ship Shape Jacket10
    Navy peacoat buttons complete the nautical look here, or choose an altogether different button for a more dramatic effect.
  • Ship Shape Jacket11
    The slip stitch ridge on the sleeve continues into a simple saddle shoulder.
  • Ship Shape Jacket12
    I've never worn a double-breasted jacket before that looked as good open as closed. This one does!

Ship Shape Jacket01