September 4, 2011

domiKNITrix catches you up

?WTF happened here, you may wonder.

My U-lock cozy prevents the bike frame from being scratched.
My U-lock cozy prevents the bike frame from being scratched.

Depends how far back you want to go, really, but let me get a little more honest than I usually do. You deserve that. In fact I'm going to make it a point to be more honest here all the time.

You may recall that I published a book in November 2006, thinking my life would be transformed and that my knitting career would carry me to new heights of fame and fortune.

The reality was less thrilling, of course. I was left with a repetitive strain injury that hurt when I knit, or typed, and my knitting passion was now a product. My craft had become a puzzle of math and sizing that had little to do with the joy of watching a piece evolve on the needles. I found it hard to cast on anything new without making notes and writing down steps; I was reluctant to give away words for free on the blog, but I certainly wasn't ready to pen another book. Simple fact: I just wasn't having fun anymore.

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the Ship Shape jacket...

Ship Shape Jacket01
  • Ship Shape Jacket01
    This is my newest design: the Ship Shape jacket. The pattern to knit this jacket will be available shortly.
  • Ship Shape Jacket02
    Slipped stitch edges and ridges highlighting faux seams accentuate a shapely form.
  • Ship Shape Jacket03
    A dramatic collar balances the fitted shoulder.
  • Ship Shape Jacket08
    Tailored details in the back.
  • Ship Shape Jacket09
    Buttoned all the way up and toasty warm.
  • Ship Shape Jacket10
    Navy peacoat buttons complete the nautical look here, or choose an altogether different button for a more dramatic effect.
  • Ship Shape Jacket11
    The slip stitch ridge on the sleeve continues into a simple saddle shoulder.
  • Ship Shape Jacket12
    I've never worn a double-breasted jacket before that looked as good open as closed. This one does!

Ship Shape Jacket01