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Iwrote the DomiKNITrix book to share with you the tricks I use to get couture results in my own knitting projects.

The projects in the book progress from easiest to hardest, and each one introduces you to at least one new technique. Try out my sexy knitwear designs. You'll love the flattering fit! So will he...

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- Jen Stafford, aka domiKNITrix


Critics say...

NY Times on DomiKNITrix

'The (Domiknitrix) book also includes lovely practical garments -- sleek zippered sweater coats, frisky hoodies and cleavage-baring vests and slinky tees that cling to the body's curves. These are not your grandma's afghans, she reminds her readers: ''Remember, tight sweaters save yarn!"'

-New York Times BOOKS OF STYLE: "Fast Women Knit And Bad Girls Purl"

The Village Voice's Lusty Lady, Rachel Kramer-Bussel:

"Kinky Knitknacks: An old housewifes' craft evolves into a tool of seduction"

"Stafford makes the very process of knitting sound like something all dirty girls should take up ASAP.... 'I think it's only natural that when you spend as much time on anything as I do knitting, you'll fetishize it a bit.'"

Knitty review:

"There is good how-to information (beyond knit and purl) increasing, decreasing, color knitting, and putting in zippers and pockets, all with crystal-clear close-up photography. The patterns are pretty tasty too, especially once out of the beginner projects. The women's garments have interesting construction and shaping that makes for shapely fit. And really you can't help but giggle imagining whipping your knitting into submission."