Wonder Woman suit and bicycle cozy

Sept 8, 2008

There is a perfect occasion for everything, and a Wonder Woman suit is no exception. Burning Man was the perfect occasion. The theme for 2008 was American dream.

Wonder Woman Squints
  • Wonder Woman Squints
    Here's the domiKNITrix at Burning Man 2008, gazing out at the city
  • Wonder Woman Materials
    Here are the materials used for the Wonder Woman suit, which I sewed myself without a pattern.
  • Wonder Woman Tattoo
    I have a Wonder Woman tattoo on my right upper arm. The corset I'm clutching in this shot was used as the foundation for the costume.
  • Wonder Woman Waves
    Here I am on the playa, waving to some passersby who were cheering me.
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike01
    Here's the bike in the living room, waiting for the final pieces to be grafted on.
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike02
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike03
    The seat post
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike04
    I used the star chart from my own book to knit these stars.
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike05
    Check the detail on the pedal crank.
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike06
    Tailor fit!
  • Wonder Woman Knit Bike07
    See how seamless?

Wonder Woman Squints

My last Wonder Woman suit finally gave up the ghost after 11 years of hard wear in sometimes-trying conditions, like 115 degree heat and 20 mph dust storms, not to mention a Halloween party or two. I was thrilled to find the Wonder Woman boots are suddenly easy to get! Check the Amazon ad if you are in the market; they go up to size 12, seriously.

I tailor knit a cozy for my bicycle too, covering those ugly brand markings and adding a little local flavor a la Burning Man.

It's liberating to knit something as ridiculous as a bicycle cozy, since I can be certain nobody is going to e-mail me requesting the pattern for it!


It would be easier to paint on the gold accents than it was to sew them. I ripped as many sewn stitches here as I would rip knit stitches in most projects I design from scratch.

skill level: challenging sewing

materials: stretch velvets, lycra, and print

type: red stretch velvet, gold stretch lame and blue lycra spandex printed with five-pointed stars.

quantity: 1 yard red, 1 yard gold, half yard blue

accessories: well-fitting longline bra for foundation, gold cording for Lasso of Truth, red star applique for headband, blinkie light wristbands for bullet deflecting bracelets

boots: GOGO 305/RW by Fantasma for Pleaser